Energetic, physically active, or lively *

Anxious, afraid, or angry *

Motivated, excited, or gratified *

Regretful, unlucky, or helpless *

Undesirably tired, fatigued, or drained *

Interested, curious, or fascinated *

Lonely, left out, or isolated *

Joyful, delighted, or elated *

Unenthusiastic, bored, or controlled *

Burdened, annoyed, or overwhelmed *

Capable, proud, or optimistic *

Accepted and appreciated by others *

Fully absorbed in enjoyable and interesting activities *

Like you make significant progress toward a goal *

In a positive mood through the whole day *

Physically healthy, energetic, and capable *

Like something you did was valuable, meaningful, or worthwhile *

Supported, cared about, and loved by others *

Really good about yourself or how you handled a situation *

Highly satisfied about how the day went *

NB: If you can't progress to the next page, check that you've answered all the questions.

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