Researching what matters

A case study with the Pause Breathe Smile programme

Together with the New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing and Resilience, Mindquip has been involved in researching the effect of the Pause Breathe Smile programme in New Zealand schools. Working with partners at NZIWR and stakeholders at the Pause Breathe Smile Trust and Southern Cross, we put together a survey for teachers to assess student behaviours and attributes that relate to student wellbeing. The survey showed significant improvements across a broad range of behaviours and student descriptions. Read the full report.


Pioneering a deeper understanding of wellbeing

Part of the mission at mindquip is to engage with and contribute to the scientific literature around wellbeing. Reuben recently published this peer-reviewed article which draws on neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, and computational approaches to offer novel insights into how wellbeing 'works'. As a researcher and practitioner, this depth of understanding is typical of all the work he is involved with at Mindquip.

Strength-based personality classification

An upcoming publication

A solid understanding of personality is important for understanding how people can feel and function at their best. Using cutting-edge network analytic methods, Reuben is developing a strength-based personality classification to inform his work. Check back soon for a free online assessment using this new tool.

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