Get the most from your team

Inspire them to engage and work at their best

Problems we can help with

Mindquip management training helps leaders to address problems like:

  • Poor team productivity
  • Employee disengagement
  • Low team satisfaction and morale
  • High stress
  • Negative work behaviours
  • Poor team co-operation
  • Workplace bullying

Our management training works best in conjunction with employee training.

How we help

We work with managers to build positive capacities, which can help them and their teams even if there aren't obvious problems. We provide training, advice, and support to equip managers to:

  • Increase well-being and resilience among team members
  • Maximise productivity
  • Build a positive team culture
  • Have happier and more satisfied staff
  • Increase team engagement and motivation
  • Build a sense of purpose and meaning in work
  • Maximise innovation, creativity, and problem solving
  • Enhance co-operation and teamwork

We help menagers be at their best, and get the best from their teams. Staff can be more productive and feel more effective, and they can enjoy their roles even more. Their organisations benefit too, because the training helps their teams to be more effective, engaged, and productive.

Research-based, efficient, and down-to-earth

All Mindquip advice and training is based on high-quality scientific research. We use our expertise to identify the most essential tools for well-being and resilience, so our advice and training is efficient and effective. Our workshops are down-to-earth so everyone can understand those tools and why they matter. 


I can see how much value Reuben's workshops have had in my team, from understanding themselves better and their drivers to helping them work in more productive ways. Reuben's data approach to topics was perfect.

Marcie Evans, Campus Manager, ACG Yoobee School of Design

Opened our eyes to offering appreciation and being more aware of other people.

Mike Hadley, Director, Avonmore Tertiary Institute

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