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85% of people who have attended Mindquip training thought it was 'very valuable' or 'extremely valuable'!

I can see how much value Reuben's workshops have had in my team, from understanding themselves better and their drivers to helping them work in more productive ways. Reuben's data approach to topics was perfect.

Marcie Evans, Campus Manager, ACG Yoobee School of Design

Opened our eyes to offering appreciation and being more aware of other people.

Mike Hadley, Director, Avonmore Tertiary Institute

Excellent, short and sweet - straight to the point. Interesting and great to have some 'take-aways'.

Diane Schenk

Equip [a Mindquip course] opened my mind to alternate pathways to success. How to arrange my thinking in ways to stay engaged and achieve. This has been helpful both personally and on a professional level. I recommend this course to any individual looking to optimize or improve any interest.

Tristen Haner, Director, Define By Tile

Great presentation, good slides, interactive. Nothing I would change. Being able to identify and bolster key strengths is the biggest takeaway for me. Thanks.

Max Anderson

Reuben really knows his subject! His presentations were super clear and well organised and backed up with lots of research findings. I especially appreciated learning about my own character strengths and learning how I can use my strengths and skills to reshape the tasks I have to do. Thanks.

Jane R.

It's real, there is no hocus pocus here.

Simon, Head of Finance, ACG Yoobee School of Design

Some really good topics that give you 'Ah-hah' moments. Already started using some of the tools Reuben has taught me.

Zoi Fowler, Canterbury Employeers Chamber of Commerce

Opened my mind to think openly about my well-being.

Lauren Dayler

Thank you Reuben. I can relate the training you have delivered to my daily life as you go through the course.

Natalia Machdoem, Careers Advisor, ACG Yoobee School of Design

Very well described, great tools and easy to remember.

Nick Emery

This was an excellent presentation focusing on the positive, reinforcing strengths, and not avoiding the negative.

Penny Houlce

The focus on develpoing positive thinking and working in a positive way with students was excellent.


I like the combination of science, fact, and practical advice.


I realise the importance of pointing out and acknowledging people and their efforts.

Holly Mortimer

The practical review process and others review of the positive or strengths from these was perspective altering.


Great talk. Like the quiz.

Hannah Strickland

It is very helpful in working out what makes you tick. Can understand family members better.


Helped me understand the relationship between mindfulness and well-being.

Paul Willmott-Dalton

Mindquip content helps understand the mechanics of things that happen and experiences.

Mike Williams

What we focused on during this training truly embraced everyday life and events. It provided strategies for focusing on the positives and downplaying the negatives. Thank you.

Marylin Gayford, ACG Yoobee School of Design

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