Does this sound familiar to you?

Lots of people aren't as happy, motivated, and satisfied with work and life as they could be.

Work is often stressful and draining, and sometimes there are conflicts. Many people wish they could feel like what they do makes more of a difference. When work could be a source of enjoyment, it's too often a source of frustration and anxiety. That takes its toll on people outside of work, too.

Then there's life itself. Life is hard. We know. There is too much to do and never enough time. Things don't always go how we'd like them to go. Even when things aren't going wrong, they often aren't going particularly right either. Getting along with other people can hard work, and sometimes it can be hard enough to get along with yourself. While many people are getting by, they aren't flourishing either. They aren't as satisfied with life as they would like to be.

There's no shortage of advice out there. Some of it can even be useful, at least for some people. The problem is that there's too much advice to know what's important, what works, and what to do. Almost anyone can give advice about how to increase well-being, productivity, and satisfaction, regardless of whether they are experts in that area.

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