The 7D Framework

The seven domains of positive functioning that Mindquip seminars and workshops focus on.

To ensure Mindquip training is as beneficial as it can be, we use a comprehensive scientific framework of seven domains developed by Mindquip founder, Reuben Rusk. Each domain contains strategies and skills with proven links to well-being. People feel and work at their best when they use strategies and skills from all of the seven domains.

1: Attentional

Our attention filters everything we notice and think about and shapes our well-being.

2: Cognitive

How we think about things is a vital part of how we function, and some ways of thinking are better than others.

3: Emotional

Our emotions profoundly influence our well-being and have far-reaching effects on our thoughts and behaviour.

4: Motivational

When we understand what motivates us and what benefits our well-being, we can harness our motivational system.

5: Relational

Our social relationships and interactions with others have a powerful influence on our well-being.

6: Physiological

Our physical health underpins everything else about how we function and it plays an important role in well-being.

7: Environmental

The physical world around us shapes how we function. We can use it to increase our well-being.

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