Feel better, work better

Get equipped with the essential skills of well-being and resilience

Problems we can help with

Mindquip training helps individuals with issues like:

  • Dealing with pressure
  • Feeling stressed
  • Problems staying focused
  • Low motivation
  • Low satisfaction and morale
  • Negative work behaviours
  • Low team cohesion
  • Poor productivity

The training helps people function better, which can improve all areas of work and life.

How we help

We provide in-house employee training that builds positive capacities, so it can help employees even if there aren't obvious problems. Here are some of the benefits of the tools and insights we equip employees with: 

  • Increase well-being and resilience
  • Think better
  • Feel happier and more satisfied
  • Feel more motivated
  • Build more positive social relationships
  • Be more productive
  • Work more effectively
  • Make the most of situations
  • Respond in positive ways to negative events

Individuals benefit personally from these skills, both at home and at work. Their organisations benefit too, because the training helps them to be more effective, engaged, and productive.

Research-based, efficient, and down-to-earth

All Mindquip training is based on high-quality scientific research. We use our expertise to identify the most essential tools for well-being and resilience, so our training is efficient and effective. Our workshops are down-to-earth so everyone can understand those tools and why they matter. 


Reuben really knows his subject! His presentations were super clear and well organised and backed up with lots of research findings. I especially appreciated learning about my own character strengths and learning how I can use my strengths and skills to reshape the tasks I have to do. Thanks.

Jane R.

Excellent, short and sweet - straight to the point. Interesting and great to have some 'take-aways'.

Diane Schenk

Great presentation, good slides, interactive. Nothing I would change. Being able to identify and bolster key strengths is the biggest takeaway for me. Thanks.

Max Anderson

Some really good topics that give you 'Ah-hah' moments. Already started using some of the tools Reuben has taught me.

Zoi Fowler, Canterbury Employeers Chamber of Commerce

Opened my mind to think openly about my well-being.

Lauren Dayler

Very well described, great tools and easy to remember.

Nick Emery

I like the combination of science, fact, and practical advice.


This was an excellent presentation focusing on the positive, reinforcing strengths, and not avoiding the negative.

Penny Houlce

Proud to have served: