Could your team be working better?

If your staff are aren't feeling great, they won't be able to work at their best.

A great team needs individuals who work at their best combined with a great team dynamic. Unfortunately, getting a team of people to work well together isn't easy, and often they don't work as well as they could. Instead of being enjoyable and inspiring places to work, employees feel stressed, disengaged, and unhappy. The tough modern business environment is only making matters worse.

Low employee well-being is a growing problem, affecting about 1 in every 6 employees in New Zealand. This problem is costing businesses. On average, they are loosing an estimated $2500 every year for every staff member they employ in lost productivity, absenteeism, and staff turnover.

Of course, there's no shortage of corporate training out there. The problem is that much of it isn't backed up by quality scientific research, and so it doesn't work. There's so much low-quality training available now that it's hard to know which skills are the most important for your team's productivity and well-being. Almost anyone can give advice, regardless of whether they are qualified experts in the area.

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