About Positive Psychology

The science of building well-being and resilience

In the 20th century, psychology mainly focussed on people at their worst. It's main aim was to understand and treat mental diseases, like depression and anxiety. The field has made great progress and can now treat many such disorders. Yet, treating mental disoders often isn't enough to give people high well-being. Something was missing. Psychologists realised that well-being is more than the absense of disease, yet well-being had recieved very little research attention. So, in 1998, the field of positive psychology was founded. 

The field of positive psychology studies people at their best. This new field of science studies people who have high well-being and success, to discover the mental skills they use. Researchers in the field have taught these skills to thousands of people and shown that they can benefit by learning them. It's not just about individuals, though. The field also studies how teams and organisations can work at their best. It's uncovered great insights and principles that many organisations could benefit from.

All Mindquip training is based on the research from the field of positive psychology. That's why we know that the skills we teach can really help people to think, feel, and work at their best.

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