Take yourself or your organisation to the next level

Our mission is to help humans feel good and function at their best. Maximising wellbeing and performance go hand in hand.


Feel happier, more satisfied, and more engaged at work and at home - despite the challenges.


Become a more effective leader and increase engagement, performance, and co-operation.


Change behaviours and culture to increase productivity, profitability, safety and staff retention.

Why we do this

Three out of four New Zealanders aren't functioning at their best. At any one time, that affects about one in every six people in the workforce negatively. These days, about two thirds of employees say they are highly stressed at work. Here's the thing: Many Kiwis just haven't been equipped with the tools they need to consistently bring their mental A-game to their workplace, relationships, and life.

Businesses are losing out too. Employees are much less engaged and productive than they could be. Only 35% of Kiwis feel engaged - the second lowest percentage across 30 countries. It's not just a NZ problem though. Worldwide, about a quarter of employees are actively disengaged. Gallup estimates that disengagement has huge economic costs - £32 billion in the UK, 100 billion Euros in France, and $370 billion in the US.

70% of business leaders agree that engagement is critical to achieve business results, yet only 20% believe that their current approaches are being effective. We believe that equipping people with the mental tools they need to function effectively and letting them do so is what organisations need. Research shows that doing this can provide a return of more than 3 to 5 times the original investment. Moreover, it helps individuals enjoy higher mental well-being and greater resilience. As low mental health is now the largest single source of world economic burden, giving people these tools is good for our society too. Everyone wins when people function better.

What we do

Mindquip works with organisations to help their managers and staff function at their best. We increase staff engagement, productivity, performance, and safety. That, in turn, increases business success, profit, and return to shareholders.

Everything we do is based on scientific research. We draw on the scientific field of positive psychology, which studies optimal human functioning. We also draw on research in organisational psychology, social psychology, behavioural change, and physiology.

Based in Christchurch, we provide training and consulting services. We run science-based, down-to-earth, and efficient training workshops. They give people the essential tools they need to function at their best in any circumstances. We also work with organisations to create positive organisational changes that last.

We're a social enterprise. We benefit organisations through increased productivity and lower costs. At the same time, we're making a social impact by increasing people's well-being and resilience.

The benefits

Increasing work engagement pays because it's the foundation of high-performance work practices. Organisations with high staff engagement enjoy 21% higher productivity, up to 60% lower turnover, 48% fewer safety incidents, and up to 22% greater profitability. Even small improvements make a difference. Every 10% improvement in engagement can increase an employee's effort level by 6% and performance by 2%. 

Training staff to be at their best helps them to be capable of fully engaging and to be more willing to do so. European data shows that one of the largest drivers of engagement is a genuine concern with helping staff to feel and work at their best. Supporting staff to be at their best also benefits a company's reputation, enabling them to attract and retain high quality employees. 

Smart companies invest in their human capital and it pays off financially. One study found that the 5-year shareholder return of companies with strong human capital practices is double that of companies with weak human capital practices.

Scientific evidence shows that the kinds of tools and insights we teach make a real difference in the workplace and at home. They help to raise and sustain higher levels of well-being and resilience. Over 85% of people we've trained to date have rated the training as either very valuable or extremely valuable to themselves or people they know. Here are some of the great comments we've got from people we've trained so far:


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